Monday, November 25, 2013

Being Called By God

In a previous blog post, I shared the story of being called to step out of my comfort zone and write a blog about my faith journey.

This calling is taking me ever farther outside my comfort zone. This week, without any intention too, I created a facebook page on which to share my blog with a larger audience. Each time I write a new blog post I will share it here on google, and also on the facebook page. I will also share the occasional short message or meme. It is my hope that others will be more interactive on that page, and that some people will also share their story about their own faith journey. There will also be some detractors, in fact there already have been on the very day I opened the page, but He never said that it would be easy and isn't part of our calling as Christians to hold steadfast in our faith even in the face of doubters, detractors and adversity??

Until this moment, it had not occurred to me that in addition to sharing posts her on the facebook page, I could also share the facebook page here. For now I will share the link to the facebook page and welcome all to check it out, in the future I may share some of the posts from the page here. We will see where He guides me.

The facebook page is:

May you experience God's Grace and Mercy in Abundance today and everyday!!!!